Kungsleden trail, Sweden

The idea of Somewhere It’s Raining came to me when I was living in Wales and a few sunny days in a row came as a gift. But the website name is not only linked to the places where I’ve lived or which I’ve visited, the wild and remote towns, mountains and islands (the more flights and ferries to get there, the better). Rain has much more meaning to me, it brings life and change, it allows me to appreciate sun and warmth, it’s a patient teacher of how to get  to know myself and appreciate who I am.

I used to be a social care manager working with young people with learning disabilities and with staff who sometimes displayed challenging behaviour. Originally from Poland, I lived in the UK for about 10 years, on the doorstep of Brecon Beacons National Park in a lovely Welsh town Hay-on-Wye. There were days when I felt so tired that I could write a book titled 101 excuses your staff give you to indicate why they can’t come to work… But I was also inspired by people I worked with and who I met. Then, after a few months of traveling in USA and Europe, I moved with my partner to Germany, to a mountain town Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Although we liked living in Bavaria, our minds and souls were driven to the North and we finally moved to Lofoten in Arctic Norway. I thought I found my home and I knew what I wanted to do and boom, everything turned upside down. And again I am searching and on the move.

I wanted to start a blog quite a while ago but could never find the right time so I finally decided to follow wise people’s advise and just “get on with it” rather than wait till it looks flawless. I will share with you my stories, thoughts and sometimes rants from my travels and day-to-day life. Hope you enjoy reading Somewhere It’s Raining and please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.

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