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Kebnekaise in Winter

Continuing from Stuck in Swedish snow Kebnekaise fjällstation, Swedish Lapland, February, Saturday morning. The weather was far from ideal for my first ski touring trip. Fresh, deep snow had just covered the area around us with the forecast of snow storm in two days. So the question for us was, if we still felt confident […]

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Stuck in Swedish snow

I could hardly move in the thigh deep snow even though I was following the tracks made by my boyfriend (who still struggled to plough through but was at least moving ahead). There were no other tracks to follow because of the fresh snow and the season having just started; we were the first on […]


Learning how to ski…

My plans to write more articles before my next trip have been put on hold due to a broken computer. A flashing question mark folder on an iMac screen… Not a good sign. Temporarily I am using my Toshiba laptop, but it is less convenient especially without certain programs. (And I will not mention that […]


Hay-on-Wye: Town of Books and much more

It was a gloomy day in Wales yesterday. I could hear the rain drops hitting my windows with a great force. The wind sounded like a wounded giant dog howling endlessly. It made me think back about when and why I moved to the Welsh countryside… Well, I decided to move to Hay-on-Wye a few […]

Dublin – the City of Fun

  My last trip to Ireland was more than 10 years ago. I spent most of my time there on the West Coast which is very beautiful, with some remote places where you could catch a bus only twice a week (like Dingle Peninsula, thank you to all the Canadians who gave us a lift […]

Winter Sunrises on Pen y Fan

I talked about big adventures in my last post, how inspired I was by Leo Houlding’s story. But I think that we can all define what adventure means to us and we can set ourselves some challenges on a much smaller scale. Winter is coming, so this is a post for you about my super-early-morning […]

Inspired by a true story – Leo Houlding

I have been sick for quite a few days now, not lady-like symptoms so I won’t go into much detail. A while ago my friends and I had bought tickets for yesterday’s  presentation by the climber Leo Houlding. I was not 100% sure if I could make it till the very last moment but I […]

Very subjective guide on “city life” in Lofoten

Some people expect certain standards (like opportunities to eat out, drink and have fun) when travelling. Lofoten islands would not be this type of destination and the Italian guys from my other post learnt the lesson about it. It doesn’t mean though that the islands are a desolate and out-of-civilisation place either, which was a […]

Brecon Jazz festival 2013

Last weekend was all about Brecon Jazz festival. I really love this event and have been going almost every year since I discovered it a few years ago. Brecon on its own is worth visiting, it is a very nice cathedral town on the edge of Brecon Beacons National Park. It is very charming with […]

Going to Lofoten again! Part 1

We all have places we had visited once and since then they have made us want to come back often times. Lofoten islands seem to have this influence on me, always on my mind when thinking about my next trip destination (even if my always cold feet are begging me to go somewhere hot). I […]