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Stamsund hostel (gossips from Lofoten islands)

After a long long journey (which felt almost like going through 7 seas and 7 mountains…and it requires a separate post) I finally got to the beautiful Lofoten islands end of August. One day my companion sprained his ankle (apparently because he turned around to check on me being extremely slow…) and our hiking plans […]

Two flights and a ferry ride

I am getting ready for my journey to Lofoten. I have finally packed and got organised after quite an eventful day at work. I have helped to rescue a lost walker with 4 dogs and almost got lost on the way back. I usually worry a bit before my travels, and as there are strong […]

Going to Lofoten islands again! Part 2

I’m getting more and more excited about my upcoming Lofoten trip. I mentioned before how special the islands became to me, and now looking at the photos, I somehow know why I want to go back… My trip starts on Monday, I travel to the hotel near Gatwick airport to stay the night and on […]