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Changes changes changes

A while back I was writing about finding a new home on Lofoten. But nothing happens as we plan... So I'm back in Poland in a beautiful historic town Bielsko-Biała. Close to the mountains of course. I'm starting my new business, developing…
Celebrating my birthday on Volandstind.
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Lofoten - my new home at last?

Moving countries is not as easy as it might seem. I don’t mean traveling, staying in one place for a month or two and then moving on. I mean committing to one place for a longer period of time. Going through all the paperwork, bureaucracy…
Seasons On Lofoten - Winter: Lofoten Islands Photography Ebook
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Lofoten Ebook second edition out now!

Last time you've heard from me I was getting ready to hike the Kungsleden trail in Sweden for a month. To cut long story short: I didn't do the whole 440km trail, as my left leg chose to be non-compliant. My slight injury forced Cody and me…
Moskenesøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway. My favourite Norrona fleece.
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The best travel and photography guides to Lofoten

  I’m often asked what’s my favourite place in the world that I’ve been to or would like to go. At first, it seems like a valid question, but somehow it’s almost impossible for me to answer. I am not the same every day, my…
Hiking north on Kungsleden trail with snow covered Keron + Giron (1543m) mountain peak in distance, Lappland, Sweden
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How to pack light for long-distance hikes and avoid being a donkey

  One of the best things about my recent move to Germany and a change of lifestyle, is that I can travel the way I like. Being able to spend days, even weeks in one area makes me appreciate places more and allows me to learn a little…
Hiking over rocky terrain in Tjäktjavagge on Kungsleden trail, Lappland, Sweden. Nothing beats my Osprey backpack!
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Enchanted by the King's Trail - Kungsleden in Sweden

  My first experience with Swedish Lapland was on the Kungsleden (King’s or Royal Trail) in 2012. Cody talked me into hiking the northern part of the trail, which is the most popular section consisting of 100+ kilometres of wilderness…
Sunset from the summit of Markan (602m), Lofoten, Norway. Sept 2014
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Reflections on Leaving Wales and Moving On

    I published my last post almost a year ago! Many things have happened since and I needed some time off, especially that I haven’t really had a proper “base” to work from. It’s the second time I am wrapping…
Pembrokeshire Coast Path, West of Fishguard
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Weekend on Pembrokeshire Coast Path

My time in Wales is coming to the end. My workplace is being closed, I will try to write a post about my UK and Welsh experience, but I am not quite ready yet. It’s a very emotional time but it is also a beginning of something unknown…
Climbing the top of Koscielec, snow in May...
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Motivated by food - hiking in Tatras

Someone told me once “Justyna, you eat like a horse!” The remark was supposed to be friendly and referred to my big plateful of lunch at work, so I took it with a smile. Well, however one can put it in words, food is extremely important…
Getting to the top of Kasprowy wierch
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Zakopane - Gateway to Tatras

I was probably 5 years old and a bit scared of that black devil with a pitchfork running around in a mountain lodge. It’s one of my earliest memories from Zakopane, where we went for a New Year break with my family. For the people who…
Deep snow, skiing Kunsgleden trail near Kebnekaise Fjällstation
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Kebnekaise in Winter

Continuing from Stuck in Swedish snow Kebnekaise fjällstation, Swedish Lapland, February, Saturday morning. The weather was far from ideal for my first ski touring trip. Fresh, deep snow had just covered the area around us with the forecast…
Nikkaluokta snow mobile - excited! Kungsleden trail in winter
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Stuck in Swedish snow

I could hardly move in the thigh deep snow even though I was following the tracks made by my boyfriend (who still struggled to plough through but was at least moving ahead). There were no other tracks to follow because of the fresh snow…